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Weather Alert: Update 1/6/2017

Netsports is closely watching the pending weather for the weekend of 1/6-1/8 and will provide updates on any delays and/or cancellations, here, on Facebook and Twitter.

3:00pm Update: ALL programs are on as scheduled for Friday 1/6

5:00pm Update: ALL programs scheduled for Saturday 1/7 are CANCELLED .

1/7 Update: ALL youth games scheduled for Sunday 1/8 are CANCELLED. An update on adult games will be made tomorrow morning.

1/8 Update: ALL adult games scheduled for Sunday 1/8 are CANCELLED.

Due to expected low overnight temperatures and hazardous road conditions, Netsports will delay opening tomorrow (Monday) until 9:45am.

1/9 Update: ALL adult games on Monday 1/9 are being played as scheduled.


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